Asian Development Bank

Anticorruption and Integrity

This publication is comprised of the two Asian Development Bank (ADB) documents: Integrity Principles and Guidelines (May 2010) and the Anticorruption Policy (July 1998). ADB's Office of Anticorruption and Integrity investigates allegations of fraud, corruption, coercive practice, collusive practice, conflict of interest, obstructive practice, and related misconduct in ADB-financed activities, in accordance with ADB's Integrity Principles and Guidelines. ADB's Anticorruption Policy requires all parties, including staff, borrowers, beneficiaries, bidders, suppliers, and contractors to observe the highest ethical standards when participating in ADB-financed activities. The Policy supports ADB's obligation, in accordance with Article 14(xi) of the Agreement Establishing the Asian Development Bank, to ensure that the proceeds of ADB financing are used only for their intended purposes. This publication supercedes and replaces Anticorruption and Integrity, first edition, (see right) in its entirety.
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