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7 powerful tools that will change your child's life

This book came out from everything I have learned, listened, read, seen and experienced, for better or worse, during my life. Life experiences from people really close to me have helped as well. The past 7 years have been an attempt to auto search deep within myself.

Reading Louise L. Hay and Wayne Dyer has totally changed the perspective from which i had been seeing myself, it encouraged me to think of me as the 1st thing to love, It gave me, THE POWER, the strength and confidence to believe in myself.

(I am, what i choose to believe).

Words, beliefs and emotions started to make big changes in my life. Day to day i struggled with the inner monsters that were created by childhood fears and old beliefs, I managed to release myself from limitations imposed by others, my parents and me in the past and set my aim to be a better human being as a whole, as a father, a husband, a son and a friend.

My inner child created confusion upon my decitions and actions, it all changed for good when i started to analize,recognized and communicated with my inner self. Its been a year since i 1rst listened to Neville Goddard and the reconnection thats been going on with my inner be.
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