F.M. Cipriano

My Taxing Career

Take a glimpse into the world of the Tax Office.
Fred Campari had no intention of being employed by the Tax Office but ironically, that's where he ended up.
Fred developed a liking for his work and concerted his efforts to make a positive difference; however, he was constantly stymied and frustrated by the actions of senior management.
The Tax Office seemed to have developed a culture that encouraged and rewarded backstabbers, informers and lackeys. In fact, these qualities appeared to be prerequisites to staff advancement.
Fred eventually resigned himself to the fact that he had reached the peak of his career but he had not bargained for a possible fall when an attack by senior executives would threaten his very survival.
* * *
«When I was a kid, I was asked what I wanted to do when I grew up. I replied that I wanted to join the circus. Oddly enough, by joining the Tax Office, I sort of did.» Fred Campari.
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