Mark Taylor

The Capital of Paradise

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In this memoir, THE CAPITAL OF PARADISE, author Mark A. Taylor turns his uncompromising inquiry on himself and views his life from a shocking new perspective: he is dying of terminal cancer. Sweep across the landscape of his life and adventures as he struggles to understand life before death.

Catch-out on the next open freight car, hitch-hike across the country in March of a lost Amerika, go underground to expose a world-famous religious charlatan, and tarps out across the desert wilderness with an award winning naturalist writer.

Discover a cure of terminal caner and keep your dead friends live at the round table of your inner dialogues. Writhe in pain as the author is laid low by chemotherapy an pots his own demise.

And venture inside the secret inner sanctum of the church of Scientology and learn about the national media's obsession and epic battle against the richest and most powerful new religion in American history
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