Chris DiSano-Davenport

The Little People Journey into the Mystic Sea

“The Little People Journey the Mystic Sea,” explores the bonds of family, friendship and how we can make a difference on our planet. Trinity and her imaginary friend Ellarie disappear through a gap in the fog. A girl named Junia lives along the coast and loses her way when she finds a magical bracelet. Worlds collide and the unreal becomes real as we journey through the elemental kingdom of earth, air, fire and water. You will meet Willard the sea turtle who comes to Junia's aid and travel to a mystical ocean city. The Fairy Cup is stolen and a Governor Merman and his wife plan to rule all four directions of the natural elements but NOT if Charis the Mermaid can help it! Back at the Hollow Tree, the Dim Day dance is delayed while families search for Trinity and Junia. Only Deetkatu's dream can reveal the truth as the adventure unfolds.”The Little People Journey the Mystic Sea” encourages goodness and integrity and inspires us to BELIEVE that anything is possible. The Little People tell us we hold the power that can create a magical life to live.
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