Charles Hampden-Turner,Fons Trompenaars,Linda O'Riordan

Capitalism in Crisis (Volume 1)

Never before has there been such a period of intense change at every level of our society. Almost everything that we took for granted is now open to debate, whether that be the relationship that Britain has with the rest of the world or, at a more personal level, how the company we work for adapts to an increasingly competitive marketplace, and how that will affect our jobs. Everything is up for debate. What we are all searching for is clarity, insights and a reminder of the lessons of history that are in danger of being forgotten.
Fortunately, there is someone who has the answers, or at the very least, some insightful questions that should be asked. Capitalism in Crisis is the combined insights of three of the world’s top analytical brains who have been guiding businesses and governments in their quest to find answers and shape strategy.
In this two-volume work, they have laid out the problems and shown the solutions in a highly accessible way using illustrations as well as text. They have proved that a picture is indeed worth much more than a thousand words.
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