K.C. Herbel

The Jester: The Jester King Fantasy Series

Billy is entertaining jubilant nobles in the king’s court at Castle Orgulous. It’s the pinnacle of his life! Even the melancholy king is happy. Then tragedy strikes …
The death of a friend forces Billy to choose between leaving Orgulous and staying on as the royal musician. While he weighs his choices, he receives a vision from his magic ring – a dark vision of murder. Is someone trying to kill the princess? Billy must stay. He must stop the assassin! To do so, he will risk his life and the lives of his friends, and confront powerful enemies that have hunted him since he was born.
In the midst of this turmoil, the mystery of the magic ring deepens and draws Billy closer to the revelation of his place in the world. But will it come in time to save him or only further endanger his life?
The Jester is the second of four novels in The Jester King Fantasy Series.
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