David Beattie

Stay Wild; Notes from a Self Aware Teen

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“Some people hate me, some people would prefer it if I didn’t exist. Incidentally, I feel the same way about them.”

“I’m a young person managing my own life, my transition and everything else that I have on my plate. It would be more strange if I didn’t feel overwhelmed from time to time.”

Teenage model and writer David Beattie is not afraid to share his experiences of the world. In this instalment of personal essays, he discusses battling mental illness, going through hormonal changes, socialising as a gender non-conforming individual and even what it’s like to do a naked photo shoot with body dysmorphia.

His wit, motivation and relentless positivity in the face of multiple challenges are amazingly inspirational. You can’t help but laugh, cry, scream and sigh along with him as he reflects on many different triumphs and obstacles. His world is an incredibly interesting one and this glimpse he allows of it is both enlightening and enjoyable.
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