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Fantastic Stories Presents: Conan the Barbarian Super Pack

The editors at www.fantasticstoriesoftheimagination.com present the Conan Super Pack: twenty-three short stories and poems and a full length novel. Conan the Barbarian was the greatest hero of the Hyborian Age. Orphaned at a young age he was forced to live by his wits, brawn, and the skill of his sword arm. This mighty warrior rises from obscurity to one day become the King of Aquilonia. Included are twelve wonderful original illustrations.

The Hyborian Age The Phoenix on the Sword

The Scarlet Citadel

The Tower of the Elephant

Black Colossus

The Slithering Shadow

The Pool of the Black One Gods of the North

Shadows in Zamboula

Shadows in the Moonlight

Queen of the Black Coast

The Devil in Iron

The People of the Black Circle

A Witch Shall Be Born

Rogues in the House

Jewels of Gwahlur

Beyond the Black River

The Hour of the Dragon

Red Nails; Adventurer

At The Bazaar

Dreams Of Nineveh

The Gates of Nineveh

Empire’s Destiny
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