Jeff Lumin

Fix America In Eight Years

Revitalizing America’s industrial prowess and economic strength is a long and difficult path. To stop businesses, big and small, from leaving American soil, the biggest challenges are from insiders: entrenched interest group, free riders, government officials and Congress members who have sold their souls and have done nothing to keep jobs in America. For decades, Democrats steered America to be a borderless nation open to drugs, crimes, illegal immigrants and cheap foreign goods, so that they gained votes, increased tax, handed out welfares, and stayed in power while destroyed America’s manufacturing, jobs and strength altogether.
Real Americans who believe in free market, low tax, small government, and patriotism have to fight hard everyday to re-gain the country from those betrayals, thieves, and free-riders. To restore manufacturing and industrial capabilities, America has to cut corporate tax and raise tariff to restart factories and to balance trades, with every nation who want to trade with us! America can create jobs in millions by investing in infrastructures and building a border wall, while reduces people’s reliance on food stamps, free medicines, and other welfares by providing jobs in construction, retail, steel, and engineering of all kinds.
America is a shining city on a hill. Together, we can keep the city shining and radiating in centuries to come; We can reduce federal debt, balance budget and cut welfares; We can restore Christian values, moral virtues, and our national pride. We can reinstate gold standard, dismantle Fed Reserve Bank so that financial democracy can return and inflation can disappear. God Bless America!
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