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Forensic Psychology Collection

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Three amazing, engaging and easy to read forensic psychology books!

Forensic Psychology

Do you want to learn what forensic psychology is?

Do you want to learn about the psychology of courts?

Do you want to learn about the psychology of imprisonment?

If the answer is yes, then this is the book for you!

By the end of this book, you will have a lot of knowledge about forensic psychology and you’ll learn about:

What is forensic psychology?

How do people offend?

How Does Crime Affect Victims?

Sexual Offending


And More…


The Forensic Psychology of Theft, Burglary and Other property Crimes

Whether you’re a psychology student, a forensic psychologist or just a person interested in forensic psychology. You’ll love this book!

Do you want to know why people shoplift?

How burglars make decisions?

How burglars choose their targets?

If the answer is yes to these questions and more. This is the book for you.

By the end of this forensic psychology book, you’ll know:

Why people shoplift?

Why shopworkers steal?

How burglars decide their targets?

Why people commit arson?

And much more!

If you love forensic and criminal psychology and want an easy to understand, engaging book, you need to read this!


Criminal Profiling: A Forensic and Criminal Psychology Guide To FBI And Statistical Profiling

Whether you’re a forensic psychology student, trained professional or a person interested in forensic psychology. This book is for you!

Do you want to know about criminal profiling?

Do you want to know the truth about FBI profiling?

Do you want know what psychology thinks of profiling?

If the answer to these questions and more is yes. Then you will love this book. As it explains criminal profiling in an engaging and easy to understand way.

This is not a hyped-up book about the brilliance of profiling. This is a book about what are the two types of profiling and what the research says about them. Of course, this is a lot more interesting than your textbooks from university!

By the end of this forensic psychology book, you’ll know:

What are the types of criminal profiling?

What FBI profiling is?

How effective profiling is in the real world?

And much more…

If you love forensic and criminal psychology and want to learn about criminal profiling, you need to read this great and interesting book from a passionate psychology author.


Forensic Psychology Collection Content

Forensic Psychology Content:

Introduction: What is Forensic Psychology

Chapter 1: Development of Offending: Theories and Perspectives

Part 1: Public and Crime

Chapter 2: Victims and Crime

Chapter 3: Theories of The Fear of Crime

Chapter 4: Victimology, Restorative Justice and PTSD

Chapter 5: Why Do We Listen to the Public?

Part 2: Courts and the Legal System

Chapter 6: Courts and the Legal System

Chapter 7: Types of Courts and the Youth Justice System

Chapter 8: The Courtroom, Witnesses and Lawyers

Chapter 9: Juries and Problems with Juries

Part 3: Sex Offending

Chapter 10: Sexual Offending

Chapter 11: Theories of Sexual Offending

And More…

The Forensic Psychology of Theft Content:


Chapter 1: Theft and Shoplifting

Chapter 2: Burglary: Types of Bulgars, The Burglary -Drug Connection And Decision-Making Processes

Chapter 3: Expertise in Crime

Chapter 4: Arson and Pyromania


Criminal Profiling Content


Part One: FBI Profiling

Introduction to FBI Profiling

The Process of FBI Profiling, Their Methodology and The Process of Police Investigations

FBI Profiling Example

What Research Says About Profiling?

What Do the Police and Psychologists Think About Profiling?

Part Two: Statistical and Geographical Profiling

2.1— Investigative Psychology and Statistical and Geographical Profiling

2.2— Geographical Profiling

2.3— The Research Base of Profiling

2.4— The Homology Issue and Basic Theory

2.5— Personality and Profiling

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