Ofelia Francisco,Stephen Whitchurch

Facing the Giant

“Facing The Giant” reveals the secret of consistently finding money-making opportunities and how to get rich from share market trading.
“It took me 20 years and lots of mistakes to become the trader I want to be.  This book shares the lessons I have learned from my mistakes. ”  Stephen Whitchurch.
You don’t have to make the same mistakes Stephen did.  You can avoid the costly trial and error system and save thousands of dollars.  By leveraging on Stephen’s experience and learning from his mistakes, you can shorten your own learning curve.
This is how smart people learn and achieve financial freedom.
Do you want to break through the barriers that stop you from achieving success?
How would you like to get out of the rut that keeps you at the edge of your potential?
“Facing The Giant” is one of the best self-help books to achieve personal success.  It presents the four essential steps of how you can become a winner.  Eagle Eye Trading Mastery Behavioural Transformation Process and winning mindset exercises help overcome barriers and obstacles to your profitability in share market trading.
The principles outlined herein apply to anyone who struggles to achieve success.  You can improve your performance and results, not only in trading but in any field and in life.
So, if you want to

achieve trading excellence
learn to think, act and behave like a winner

…..this life changing, results-oriented Book is for you.
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