Anthony James

rConstitution Papers

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What does it look like to follow the Constitution?
rConstitution Papers explains:
• Government people hold other government people to specific constitutionally limited scopes delegated by the people.
• All laws consist of rules and penalties, and nothing else.
• Presidents and governors take full executive responsibility and are fully accountable for personnel, budgets, and results.
• Every government official independently determines what's constitutional, and only does what's constitutional.
• Wars are rare and decisive. Abortion-a violation of the explicit constitutional right to life-is prevented nationally and statewide by all government branches. Money grows in value, and economic crises are short and minor.
• Government people keep themselves out of our way.
• At least one party is well-designed like the Constitution, which makes sure that its people follow the Constitution.
When we're secure to freely work together to add value, we'll create a far-better future.
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