Jill Sanders

Red Hot Christmas

Just in time for the holidays, take another wonderful trip to Oregon. Enjoy this sweet story about some new small-town people and learn about the lives and loves of a hot young couple. Don’t miss this opportunity to catch up on some of your favorite book people and the enchanting town of Pride. 
Amber is new to Pride. As the new manager of the Golden Oar, she has big plans for helping make it one of the finest restaurants along the Oregon coast. But when she moved into town, she hadn't count on running into, and almost killing, the most gorgeous man she'd ever laid eyes on. 
Luke thinks he knows what he wants out of life. That is until the woman he's been waiting for all his life takes him down. Literally. Now he's out to prove he's not just another man-boy, but someone Amber can trust and come to love.
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Idealist LLC


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