Jack Borden

Avoid Small Business Hell

For every attempt to create a successful small business, there are many trip wires and trapdoors that can send you into Small-Business Hell. Jack Borden, creator of the Faster, Cheaper, Better program of entrepreneurial excellence, guides you through the challenges and helps you start and operate a small business while avoiding Small-Business Hell.

Small-Business Hell is a place small-business entrepreneurs find themselves when something has gone terribly wrong and now the business and entrepreneur are facing significant challenges. The business is in a state of jeopardy where the survival of the business and health and well-being of the owner may be put in question.No matter what a small-business entrepreneur does, and no matter how well the business is managed, almost every small business will end up in Small-Business Hell at least once.

This book will help readers through the many challenges and pitfalls they may face as small-business entrepreneurs. This book includes stories from many different small-business entrepreneurs so readers can learn from their mistakes. It also includes an exclusive download kit with business forms to help you stay organized and keep your business on the path to success.

The download kit includes:

• Cash-Flow Statement
• Balance sheet
• Job-Cost Estimate
• Statement of Earnings
• — And more!
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