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A Beginner’s Guide to CPA

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No matter what your skill level is right now when it comes to Internet marketing, or selling over the internet, CPA is one way you can earn money without actually having to sell a single thing. Yes, you did read that correctly – you can make money online without having to make a single sale. How is this possible? Simple, CPA or Cost Per Action is an advertising platform that allows companies to pay a commission when certain actions are carried out which do not always have to be sales. While CPA is a great way for advertisers to make sales it is also a brilliant method to generate leads. You may ask yourself why anyone would pay to generate a lead and this is a valid question. Read this book and learn more here.

What's Inside:

* How CPA Works

- Commission Structure

- CPA Offers

- E-mail Submits

- Zip Submits

- Short Form Offers

- Long Form Offers

- Downloads

- PIN Submits

- Free Trials

- Incentivized Offers

* The Beginning

- What CPA Networks Want

- Applying

* Choosing the Best Offer to Promote

- Market Research

- eBay and Amazon

- Meetup.com

- Identifying the Offer & Testing Conversion Rates

- Keyword Research

- The Value of Quality Content

* Traffic Generation

- Words, Words, Words

- Article Directories

- Forums

- Document Sharing

- Blog Commenting

- Video Marketing

- Social Media
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