Catherine Basu

Superwomen Secrets Revealed

What do successful women have in common?

And…if you learned their secrets of success, would you feel motivated to reach your personal goals or overwhelmed?

In this inspirational, informative and action-oriented book, Catherine Basu takes you on a behind the scenes tour of the daily lives of amazing women-CEOs, female founders, attorneys, women entrepreneurs, and more-who have found a way to have more energy and focus in their lives.

Don’t worry-their success secrets won't cost you a lot of time or money!

These female entrepreneurs and successful women in business share the same easy to implement secret—that fitting in fitness is the key to their success.

In Superwomen Secrets Revealed you will learn:

How to bring more focus, energy, and creativity to your work and personal life
Why successful women include fitness in their daily routines
How these inspirational women find the time to make exercise a part of their busy schedules
Fun & easy to implement fitness challenges from these female mentors that can be accepted on social media for added motivation

Superwomen Secrets Revealed arms you with workout motivation and inspiration from real life role models.

Follow the advice in Superwomen Secrets Revealed and accept the fitness challenges (the superwomen fitness dares) and you will finally reach your fitness and life goals.

Whether you’re a female entrepreneur looking to find more energy to fuel your dreams, a mom who wants to be a healthy role model, or simply someone who can’t refuse a good fitness challenge, you’ll find this book invaluable.

Get ready to change your world …and then THE world … one workout at a time!
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