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Continuing Reforms to Stimulate Private Sector Investment

A business environment that supports private sector-led growth is the key to long-term sustainable poverty reduction. This has been recognized by successive Solomon Islands’ governments who have implemented fundamental reforms that have modernized the environment for doing business in the country with some far-reaching reforms. This private sector assessment (PSA) analyzes the reforms to date and suggests further policy actions and priorities in the areas of business law reform, promoting economic opportunities for women, infrastructure, state-owned enterprises, the tax system, and the financial system. The policy recommendations in the PSA provide the basis for discussions between the Government of Solomon Islands, the private sector, and other stakeholders regarding future reform priorities that will contribute to the country’s resources being used most productively. This PSA was produced by the Pacific Private Sector Development Initiative---a regional technical assistance facility cofinanced by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Government of Australia, and the Government of New Zealand.
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