Francesca Thoman

Nikola Tesla: Afterlife Comments on Paraphysical Concepts, Volume Two

Part One: Healing, in Volume Two, represents an extended “correspondence” between the spirit of Nikola Tesla and Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, as channeled through Francesca Thoman. With Dr. Todd’s permission, all questions in Part One, Healing, are from their exchange, unless otherwise noted.
Part Two: Manifestation Magic covers numerous articles that Nikola Tesla wished to present concerning the multi-dimensional physics and practical applications of this very unusual magic. Seeing the magic of manifestation as a multi-dimensional “slope” that augments human actions, the spirit of Nikola Tesla offers methods of befriending this kind of magic, in order to pull potentially anentropic energies into reality and create effects greater than the sum of energy in both intention and ritually patterned actions combined.
Learning she was a natural channel, Francesca Thoman worked with Spirit Speaks magazine; when she was requested to channel Nikola Tesla, Francesca was so excited about the material Tesla presented, she asked the great inventor for more, developing the material in Volume One and continuing it in Volume Two and Three.

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