Mark A. Wolf

The ABCs of the IELTS Exam

You are preparing for the IELTS Exam because you can speak two (2) languages and because you are planning to go abroad to further your education and/or career.  The test can be stressful, but with your level of intelligence and this helpful testing guide — “The ABC’s of the IELTS Exam” — you WILL be successful in overcoming that stress and passing the exam even if you do not speak English all that well.The English language can be complex but this testing guide makes English easy so far as the IELTS Exam is concerned.

This study guide will not require you to do a lot of reading. Nor will it be too time consuming. Included in this language guide are various resources which will enable you to perform at a high level during your examination such as 79 of the most probable questions you could be asked to answer along with some suggested answers. These resources, as well as this book, are condensed so that they are easy to read and understand.

This self-help guide has been written to help you pass the IELTS Exam and in doing so to assist you in developing a mastery of the English language sufficient to achieve your goals whether they be to further your education or get or maintain a career or all of these. So relax and let this testing aid guide you to success.
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    )Tell the Examiner, “Thank you for your time
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    Tip #6A) Try to tell the Examiner before he or she talks (if possible): "Hello, I hope you’re having a wonderful day.”
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    Do NOT use slang words during the Speaking Exam nor on the Writing Exam

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