Tom Morris

The Stone of Giza

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Egypt has long been a land of mysteries. And the epicenter of those mysteries may be the area in and around Giza, where the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids are to be found. Legend has it that, long ago, something remarkable was discovered deep in the sand at the feet of the Sphinx, that great stone beast with a lion’s body and the head of a human. And this unique item may have within it the power to show what any of us really is, deep down.

In this book, Walid Shabeezar, the young Prince of Egypt, will face new challenges in his efforts to find his proper place in the world. The story that results will take us deeper into an exploration of what lies behind our ordinary lives and hidden beneath the surface events of our world. It may upend your assumptions, or confirm some of your unspoken suspicions about what’s really going on in this life—whether in Egypt, or anywhere else.

The short book, The Oasis Within, followed a group of men and animals from a small village in west Egypt as they crossed the vast desert headed for Cairo in the summer of 1934. It served as a prologue to the great adventure that was about to begin. The Golden Palace, Volume 1 in the subsequent series, Walid and the Mysteries of Phi, then saw these characters to their destination and the unexpected challenges that awaited them in the ancient city. Now, we can see what comes next. More will soon be revealed.

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