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100 Business Etiquette Tips for Germany

Have any of these thoughts ever gone through your mind when doing business with Germans?
› Who offers his hand first when shaking hands?
› Should I walk on the left or the right side of my host?
› How many pieces of jewelry or other accessories should I wear as a man or a woman?
Then the time has come to act.
This book gives you a compact, competent and humorous insight into the world of business etiquette in Germany. The business etiquette author and trainer Susanne Helbach-Grosser has put together the most important business etiquette tips for you. No?
Then you're perfect — or you've never really had to think about such questions.
In both cases it is well worth taking a look at this book. Above all, the humorous illustrations by Tine Beutel make the book entertaining reading on the train or a perfect present. No matter how you decide, we wish you a lot of fun reading or making practical use of the book, simply looking at the fine illustrations or giving it to others as a gift.
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