Christopher Prendergast,Paul Georgiou

Adventures in Grammarland

Adventures in Grammarland is set in a fantasy world, where words are people and where, because of bitter conflict and disunity in the past, the land is now oppressed by the tyrant Ignorance.
A young lad, Josh, embarks on a quest in Grammarland that requires him to grasp the rules of grammar, to understand why the rules are so important and to face Ignorance, and his two sons Bigotry and Prejudice, in a final, cataclysmic battle that will seal the fate of Grammarland once and for all.
On the way, he must cross the Bog of Disuse (where old words sink without trace) and deal with the foul-mouthed Giant Oath, the well-meaning but incoherent Misuse, and the Tautology family including Tautology's wife Verbiage, and their children Digression and Drivel.
On the journey, Josh is accompanied by Syntax, who is a stickler for the rules of Grammarland, and Melisa, who understands the rules but also knows how to play with them constructively.
Adventures in Grammarland turns what many see as a dry and obscure subject into an exciting adventure. The reader meets all the parts of speech and is shown how, when the words work together, they become more powerful than any enemy.
This is a book for anyone, from the age of 9 to 90, who enjoys an exciting story, especially if they have an interest in language.
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