Tony Black

Artefacts of the Dead

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Book 1 in Tony Black's DI Bob Valentine Series 'It's a dead man… Can't you see someone's put a bloody great spike through him?' The discovery of a dead banker sends shock waves through the sleepy coastal town of Ayr. And it's up to DI Bob Valentine – recently back on the force after his near-fatal stabbing – to find the killer. But leads are hard to find and the pressure is on from an anxious Chief Superintendent who is being hounded by the media and still has serious concerns about her DI's mental health. As it becomes clear that there's a serial killer on the loose, Bob Valentine must battle the demons of his post-traumatic stress, an investigation team that's leaking like a sieve and frightening visions that might just be the key to unlocking the mystery. Valentine is close to breaking point, but can he crack the case before he cracks up? “Tony Black is my favourite British crime writer.” IRVINE WELSH, bestselling author of Trainspotting “Among the best of the new Tartan Noir.” DAILY MAIL Dark. Relentless. Harrowing… A gripping tome.” DAILY RECORD “Tony Black is the new Scottish noir king you need on your bookshelf.” SHORTLIST MAGAZINE​
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