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Minecraft Cheats : 70 Top Essential Minecraft Cheats Guide Exposed!

Thank you for checking out the book “Minecraft Cheats : 70 Top Minecraft Cheats Exposed!” This book will tell you how to play Minecraft with cheats enabled. That means that you would be able to explore more in every world, build awesome structures, and kill mobs. A bit of warning though – using these cheats can be highly addictive! Take note that not all worlds may allow you to use cheats, especially if you are playing in a multiplayer LAN. For that reason, you can also find some tips and tricks here, in addition to more than 70 cheats that you can use in cheat-enabled worlds. This book would also tell you how to enable cheats in single player mode, or when creating a world for other players where they can indulge in a god-mode goodness of a cheat-enabled multiplayer seed world. Enjoy and download it now !
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    night because you simply run out of time before you can craft a shelter and weapons? Well, you can start out with a game with cheats first. Doing so will allow you to play without panicking that much, since you can play with no mobs trying to kill you when the environment goes dim. Or, you can start with weapons ready so you can kill mobs and gain experience points. Remember, you only have ten minutes to prepare yourself. Make use of these cheats to make the most of it.
    2. Creating Worlds with Cheats
    When you want to create worlds and enable cheats, click on Allow Cheats. Doing that will allow you to change the game mode, which means you can switch from survival mode to creative and horde on supplies that you want. For easy mode switching, type this: /gamemode
    3. Open with Bonus Chest
    To create a world that will launch with a bonus chest when you spawn at the start of the game, which contains a lot of goodies you need for survival like weapons, simply click on Bonus Chest: On. The bonus chest would consist basic items, so make sure that you use these items to mine more items before nightfall, so you can build better tools.
    4. Create your House in Creative Mode
    If you want to make sure that you are ready for the night, you can craft your house and gather materials first in creative mode, where you would be sure that you would have time to craft your weapons and create a reasonable house. If you feel confident enough to face the mobs, switch game mode.
    5. Change Difficulty When You Can’t Stand the Heat.
    If you think that the monsters are causing too much problems in your game, you can switch the difficulty to peaceful, where no mobs will spawn to attack you.
    These cheats are great for

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