Tom Morris

The Magic Ring

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A mysterious man who may be a monster of legend is out for revenge, and no one who captures his attention is safe. The man is seeking esoteric forms of spiritual power that will allow him to rule and control the nation of Egypt, as a first step, and then possibly the rest of the world. A few remarkable people in Cairo have blocked his previous efforts at accumulating strange power, and now he’s hoping to kill them all. In the midst of some very surprising assaults, accidents, and deaths, a myriad of incredible positive insights will come to light.
This is the sixth volume in the series, Walid and the Mysteries of Phi. And it may contain the deepest philosophy of all the books. Amid rough kidnappings, heinous murders, and a variety of ongoing threats to the kingdom, there is a remarkable oasis of calm during a birthday party for the king. But then, the most unexpected thing happens. Someone passes through the ultimate portal of death and discovers secrets we all need to know. There is a tragic loss, and then another, and a personal transformation like nothing you’ve ever seen. A final confrontation with evil will leave you wondering not only what has happened, but what in the world it means.
Walid Shabeezar, Mafulla Adi, and their good friends Kissa and Hasina, along with their wider circle of schoolmates, family members, and older supporters, find themselves living through stark challenges and difficult adventures where all is at stake. There are also jokes aplenty, bizarre surprises, and unexpected life lessons around almost every corner, thanks in part to Plato, among other people.
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