Greg Layton

Chief Maker

Have your career and personal growth stalled?
Are you overloaded with work and commitments that are making it impossible to stay in front of the game? 
Are you constantly fighting soul-destroying internal politics and bureaucracy when trying to get things done?
The 5-step Chief Maker method outlined in this book is a career-long roadmap for senior managers who want to rise above the chaos of the corporate world, master their profession and leave a lasting impact through their work.
This book is about much more than getting a executive-level promotion. It's about much more than being a high-impact Chief Executive Officer. It’s about taking back control. It’s about becoming the Chief Executive of your life. With the steps contained in this book you’ll start to enjoy a more rewarding career and life. You'll be excelling in your role, but you’ll also be spending more time with your family and friends. In every domain of life and work, you’ll be getting results. 
You’ll be a Chief.
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