Troye Bates

How to Read Faster: 7 Easy Steps to Master Speed Reading Techniques, Reading Comprehension & Fast Reading Skills

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Why read 200 words per minute when you can double that speed with a little practice and the proper techniques?

This guide covers everything you need to know about reading comprehension and speed reading. Through painstaking research, we have developed a 7-step strategy to help people double their reading speed!

• The fundamentals of speed reading.
• Factors that affect reading comprehension.
• Causes of reading difficulties in children and adults.
• Solutions which you can employ to combat reading difficulties.
• Benefits you can enjoy by learning to read fast.
• Main techniques to improve speed reading.
• Tips & tricks to improve your reading speed & comprehension.

You will find a lot of practical wisdom in this guide to help you overcome the problem of slow reading and poor comprehension. As a result, you will be able to reverse any wrong reading techniques you may have developed earlier in life and become more skilled at reading fast the right way!
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    Chunking is a strategy that is typically employed to help children and poor readers develop their speed reading abilities.
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    In light of this, it may be more practical to work on reducing it instead.
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