Leon Drennan

20/20 Leadership

Everything is viewed more clearly through the lens of experience!
After over four decades of executive leadership, Leon Drennan shares with us his highly insightful and practical experience in 20/20 Leadership, A 40-Year Career in Hindsight. Leon revisits fundamentals of leadership, such as:

The differences between leadership and management
Setting sound priorities
Correct use and sharing of power
Motivation of different generations
Effective use of personality profiles
Valid measurements of progress

In 20/20 Leadership, Leon also explores what functional and dysfunctional organizations look like, how to pick effective teams while positioning each person strategically, and levels of planning for success of the entire organization

Through first-hand, relatable stories Leon shares successes, failures, and life-changing observations from a leader’s point-of-view. You may find yourself nodding, laughing and even wiping a tear from your eye as you read real-life lessons Leon has learned through a 20/20 look back at 40 years as an executive leader.
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