Russell Boon

Think Decide Act

Don't let indecision hold you back…
International author, speaker, coach and emergency management specialist Russell Boon shares over three decades of breakthrough decision-making secrets that emergency service professionals rely on to get fast results. This book reveals these techniques and how you can apply them in business or daily life empowering you to make effective decisions easily, quickly and with confidence.
You'll learn:
— How to smash through your limiting beliefs around fear of failure and analysis-paralysis
— Proven, easy-to-use steps to move you forward fast guaranteeing you take action from your decision
— Step-by-step strategies to overcome anxiety, uncertainty and procrastination in any situation
— The golden leadership rules for increasing your flexibility and adaptability in a fast-paced world
— The psychology of leading under adversity and dealing with the tough stuff
— How emergency decision-making skills empower team leaders and can massively increase profits
— The breakthrough decision-making secrets the pros use to get quick results
What is indecision costing you? Take charge now!
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