David Ross

Hunter Mccain and the Cookbook

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Remember middle school? Being afraid to wear the wrong clothes, scared of saying something stupid in class or awkward attempts at that first kiss? How about parents who don’t understand? Or, teachers who put you to sleep in 0.2 seconds? Hunter McCain is living through all this and much more as an eighth grader at Franklin Middle School.

Add in a cookbook filled with recipes far more interesting then lasagna or a casserole. Love potions, strength formulas, and invisibility are just some of the entrees offered up in the archaic treasure. But these recipes may not be the tastiest; brownies sprinkled with toe nails, fudge using arm pit hair, or gum made from spider webs could just ruin an appetite.

Come on the zaniest adventure of a life time as Hunter and his friends use the cook book to encounter bullies, pretty girls, school projects, a dodge ball tournament, parents and even bank robbers.
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