Tom Morris

The Mysterious Village

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Animals are disappearing all over Cairo, Egypt and nobody knows why. A new detective moves to town and soon gets on the case. Walid Shabeezar and his best friends, along with his parents and a strong military escort, set off on a trip across the kingdom to visit his old village, and they have no idea that someone will use a frightening and mysterious force in an effort to stop them.
In the midst of the most unexpected and oddest adventure yet, Walid and Mafulla will discover new possibilities for the role of the spirit in our world, and come to novel conclusions about animal intelligence and even animal spirituality, insights that may explain anew some of the oldest religious stories in the world.
This fifth volume in the series Walid and the Mysteries of Phi begins a new story cycle with a struggle against a form of villainy far beyond anything the boys have yet experienced. Dark forces are in play. And a whole new form of power is at stake.
The philosophical topics of the book include the secrets of ultimate reality, the vast resources we can draw on in times of challenge, the nature of mind and body, the relation of truth and proof, the best way to defeat boredom, and insights about the ways in which people are treated and how that can affect their entire lives.
There may be energies in the world beyond anything you’ve ever imagined.
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