Amanda Blesing

Step Up, Speak Out, Take Charge

Want a pay rise, a promotion, or a career that makes a difference? Here's how!
If you've ever felt that you're stuck in a job rut or pigeonholed in a role then this book is for you. International speaker, author and mentor, Amanda Blesing, has created an easy, definitive guide for women in the workplace. Drawing upon over three decades worth of career thrills, spills and excitement, most recently seeing her as CEO in the NFP sector, she's compiled the latest research into gender diversity, along with statistics, data and stories to not only help you create a career that makes a difference, but to Step Up, Speak Out and Take Charge of your life and your career.
You will learn:
— 5 powerful reasons why you should step up, speak out and take charge
— The research behind the gender diversity argument
— 8 common credibility killers that undermine women in meetings and job interviews
— The #1 emotion that will stop you in your career tracks every time
— The essentials of negotiating your next pay rise with bigger and better outcomes for you
— Trade secrets of successful career women who've climbed the career ladder before you
"Stop being busy and start being strategic." — Amanda Blesing
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