Patric Deaton

How To Trade

Let me explain how you can take minimal risk, spend only
a few minutes a day and still bank more profits than most
professional stock brokers (and certainly more than when you let
someone else manage your account).
Hello; my name is Patric Deaton and I’m a full time trader. I’ve
learned a lot in my many years in the markets and want to give you
some of that knowledge.
As you will see from reading this book and from viewing your free
video course at www.howtotradebonus.com that not only am I a full
time professional trader, but that I can help you become one also.
I’ve written this book to introduce more people to the idea that
they can take control of their own financial future. You will notice I pull no punches. Some say I am blunt, but the truth is just call it the
way I see it so I can sleep at night.
I don’t like financial advisors who charge you 1–2% management
fees while losing your money.
I don’t like the hype “trading gurus” that run infomercials and
spam your email box. If anyone could make 50% per month like they
claim they would be running the largest Hedge Fund on the planet
and making billions in performance fees, not teaching.
Our low risk 10 minute per night system usually makes a few
percent per month (unless you learn our option strategies which
increase your potential exponentially) which can equal over 5–6%
per month with compounding. As you will learn, the keyword is low
risk. Having a low risk system is the ONLY WAY to have long term
compounding work for you.
I want to show you that no matter what the over-all economy is doing, you can enjoy more freedom now and retire securely when you choose, not when the government tells you you’re entitled to and then
only at poverty level social security check.
If you’re the kind of person who enjoys the freedom that comes
from taking responsibility for his own finances, or even if you’d like to,
but aren’t sure that you’re capable, please join me as I explain what’s
involved, who the players are and how you can seize the wheel and guide your own economic ship safely and confidently. I know, once
you’ve read this book, you’ll be ready to set sail on one of the most
exciting and lucrative adventures you’ve ever dreamed of.
Helping You Retire On Time,
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