David Herbert Lawrence

Sons and Lovers

From the author of Lady Chatterly’s Lover, his dramatic masterpiece on the complex relationships within a working-class family.
Gertrude Morel married beneath her status and now loathes her drunken, working-class husband. She instead focuses her passion on her son, Paul, who returns her love and equally despises his father. As Paul matures into a young artist, this relationship strains his attempts at connecting with other women, including the lovely Miriam Leivers. The emotional battle for his love and his soul between his mother and Miriam sets the scene for D. H. Lawrence’s celebrated exploration into human relationships and sexuality—controversial themes which he would explore in much of his writing.
Sons and Lovers is D. H. Lawrence’s most widely read novel and one of the great works of twentieth-century literature. Originally published with certain passages removed, it is presented here in the restored form as originally intended.
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