Dave O'Brien

Through The 'Oswald' Window: – FULL COLOR EBOOK EDITION

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Through The 'Oswald' Window – FULL COLOR EBOOK EDITION: Reveals More Shocking Lies, Deception, Conspiracy and Cover-up in the JFK Assassination!
Of all the JFK assassination theories proposed over the years, Through The ‘Oswald’ Window is the first study of the event through the eyes of the actual assassin. The author was granted rare access to the so-called ‘Oswald’ window.
By standing in the shoes of the real assassin in the Book Depository, in essence looking over his shoulder, what the author saw was shocking and may change what the history books say about the JFK assassination.
The 404-page book reveals why a lone assassin at the infamous sixth-floor window could not have carried out the assassination of JFK on his own. Further, it casts doubt that it was Oswald who fired from the window named after him.
This FULL COLOR EDITION presents a most disturbing JFK assassination conspiracy alliance that changed history in Dallas on November 22, 1963.
It cuts through the maze of information and misinformation out there to answer not only why was JFK assassinated, but also who assassinated JFK, which continues to haunt the Kennedy family to this day.
Supported by more than 250 images as well as a unique look at the iconic full color Zapruder film, including a fascinating analysis of the several moments of controversy that still troubles America.
Through The ‘Oswald’ Window brings fresh insights into America’s ultimate cold case!
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