Kevin Wilson

Essential Photoshop Basics

Adobe Photoshop is a complex but incredibly powerful piece of software and allows you to create all sorts of amazing effects.

Essential Photoshop Basics is the essential guide to getting started with Adobe Photoshop CC.  Packed with tutorials, illustrations and procedures to help you make sense of the software, this book explores…

Purchasing, downloading and installing Photoshop

Getting acquainted with the interface

Touching up and repairing photographs

A look at using Camera RAW

Removing lens distortion and making photos look more professional

Using Photoshop’s tools to manipulate images and create special effects

Get to grips with the infamous layers concept and begin to create multi-layer projects

Experiment with filters

Create 3D objects and build a 3D scene

Inserting 3D models into a 3D scene

Exploring different image formats and resolution

A look at image types, from bitmaps to vectors

Recording and using automated actions

Using automated actions in batch processing when you need to process lots of images

and much more…

Techniques are illustrated step-by-step using full colour photography and screen prints throughout, together with concise, easy to follow text from an established expert in the field, provides a great place to start learning Photoshop.

Whether you are a graphic design student, a photographer, or just a keen computer user; this book will provide you with a firm grasp of the underpinning foundations and equip you with the skills needed to unlock the secrets of Photoshop.
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