R.Scott Murphy

Ducks on the Pond

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“Ducks on the Pond” is a love letter to baseball, but it's not just diamonds, dust & Dodgers. It's about youth, wonder & nostalgia-simpler times when Pluto was a planet & reality stars were not. Steal away to Kool Aid-stained summer days, wiffle ball, BBQ hot dogs and “American Top 40” with Casey Kasem. Award-winning writer R. Scott Murphy uses his “storyteller mashup” style to blend “Cultural Literacy” with “Schoolhouse Rock” and take snapshots of the grand game. He morphs generations of Bronx Bombers in “Revelry In The House of Ruth,” the ultimate conversation starter for Yankee Nation. Liven up your longball lingo with “The Home Run Alphabet.” Take a poetic excursion to every MLB stadium & every World Series played since 1965. Count down Murphy's favorite baseball nicknames with music references as assigned by ESPN's Chris Berman. Albert Pujols becomes “E Pluribus Pujols,” and “The Monsters Are Raging On Huston Street."" As Casey Kasem would say, “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.”
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