Talita Ferreira

The Authenticity Dilemma Resolved

This book will help you unlock your true purpose and manifest your true destiny in the world, as well as inspiring other people to be with you or be led by you. It will show you how to define who you are and find congruence, balance, wellbeing and integration between your work and your life. It launches a new model to live and work by; the Authenticity POWER Model.

Talita Ferreira has invested her life in seeking out the deeper meaning of true happiness – by discovering and unlocking her passion and purpose – and this book will help you to do the same. Read about her unique journey and be inspired to join the revolution of authentic change.

Talita’s first book is about defining who we are and connecting to others in a different way. Although people think
they are authentic, the rapid changes in the world require a new perspective. The sweet spot is to be found where consciousness and connectedness collide and everything we do is purpose-driven and intuition-based.
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