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Your Rebel Plans Work booklet

This workbook accompanies Your Rebel Plans, the second Rebel Diva book. Get the exercise all in one place!

This is a 100+ workbook with all the exercises in Your Rebel Plans, including how to:

— Make a simple and workable plan to find your next job or career.
— Craft smart goals that align with your personal vision for your life.
— Design a practical execution plan to achieve your objectives.
— Manage your time more efficiently and more effectively, so you can reach your goals faster.

…and much more.

For complete guidance, examples, and details on how to apply these tools, please read the full book: Your Rebel Plans, Book TWO of the Rebel Diva series.

Your Rebel Plans is a life-changing workbook with down-to-earth, timeless advice, inspiring quotes and plenty of space for you to write your answers.

Come on a fun interactive journey of self-discovery to discover a step-by-step proven strategy for your next career move today.

Be the heroine of your own story.
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