Jane Anderson

Expert to Influencer

Can’t seem to grow your consulting, speaking or coaching practice? Trying to find new clients but can’t access new leads in a noisy market?
Congratulations! You have had your practice for some time and been compelled to make a difference to the world of your clients. It takes courage and conviction to avoid being one of the 60% of small businesses that fail in the first 3–5 years.
The expert industry is changing the game. With the platforms now available – from self-publishing to webinars and social media – you have more opportunity than ever before to grow your practice at the lowest cost.
This book will:

Uncover the 12 secret activities to grow your expert practice, position you as the authority in your market and create greater lead generation opportunities
Explore which activities to focus on and the right sequence so you don’t lose valuable time and money on activities that don’t create revenue
Discover how you can amplify you to bring new levels of visibility and connection with your audience to elevate your platform.

About the Author:

Jane Anderson is a communication expert helping thought leaders, coaches, consultants, speakers and their support staff to grow their practices. She is a certified speaker, author, award-winning blogger and mentor to industry leaders. You can find out more about her at www.jane-anderson.com.au

Testimonials from the book:

“I love Jane’s work, and I love who she is as a person. She’s my go to person for any thought leader who needs to improve their brand, and needs to get in front of people in a new market. She’s also the person who supports me around my profile and branding. Not only is she the best in Australia at what she does, she’s generous, straight, and brings joy to her work.

Peter Cook, CEO Thought Leaders Business School

“Any service-based industry with formal qualifications such as hairdressing mean being an Influencer is now imperative. Having the skills to know how to market yourself is the new black. This book from Jane will set you up with the skills for future-proofing your career. Jane This book (along with all of Jane’s other books too!) have been the best investment I’ve ever made into my business.

Tracey Hughes CSP, Hairdressing Expert & Global Educator | 8 x Educator of the Year, 10 x Salon of the Year, 2 x Hairdresser of the Year, Australian Masters Inductee

“Within four weeks of making a couple of modest tweaks, Jane Anderson’s advice led to me increasing online revenue by more than 10x! Simple, clear, direct strategies that increase impact and influence.”

Dr Justin Coulson, Parenting Expert
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