Abigail Stason

Evolution Revolution

In a world where industries are being turned upside down, a new paradigm for leadership is being revealed, affecting how we interact and co-exist in the world. There is a higher vibration, and a higher level of existence evolving.
Knowledge and the ability to collaborate are some of the most essential commodities in this information age, requiring agility, strength of mind, and maturity to meet the demands for what lies ahead. Every industry is affected by technology. In fact, technology is advancing faster than we are as a species, and we’re playing catch up. It is through the workplace that we can meet this challenge. Our next revolution is evolution.
Businesses by their very nature bring people together. However, we spend very little time teaching people how to be in a relationship with each other. It is through relationships and love that we can expand into the truth and evolve both spiritually and as a human species.
A new paradigm is emerging where being connected is the number one goal. It is through authentic human connection that business is transformed, and we consciously evolve.
Notice the consequences of unconscious behavior through global crises. The financial services meltdown, national and international healthcare issues, climate change, a divided country, a deformed justice and educational system, socioeconomic penalties, racism, addiction, and gender discrimination are some of the examples. They present to us the results of an uninvestigated life running on autopilot. We can no longer exist this way; it is not sustainable nor satisfying.
The crisis that is critical to each of us is our journey. As individuals, we contribute to everything, from our current condition to the conditions around us, both locally and globally. We can no longer afford to run on autopilot if we are to lead more fulfilling lives and create a sustainable world. This journey requires that we make different choices that are in alignment with who we are. It’s time for conscious human evolution, and relationships are an accelerated path for growth.
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