John Bradbury

I Collaborate

In the workplace, good relationships are the key to making things happen.
So often poor relationships get in the way of progress and efficient delivery of results.
Adopting the collaborative strategies and practices that John has laid out here will enable individuals to problem solve their relationship challenges and thereby create a much better working environment.
The behaviours described here make common sense but are not yet common practice.
However, taking personal responsibility for the way you lead can strongly influence the development of a collaborative culture.
If you are a leader who believes that creating the right culture will benefit the business then this book is for you. Engaging with the practices in this book and getting others to engage with them will result in a culture that delivers engaged, motivated employees who deliver exceptional results. Our behaviours and the way we relate to others a significant determinant of the culture we work in. Furthermore the culture is strongly linked to results. It makes sense to address the culture and this book shows you how to do that in a powerful, impactful way.
I Collaboarte asks you to examine how you lead and make a commitment to transform yourself.
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