Lanette Zavala

How To Write a Business Proposal and Other Marketing Documents

Building a small business or establishing yourself as a marketing executive can prove to be the toughest of challenges in your career. But it can also be one of the most rewarding decisions a hard-working achiever can make. As lucrative opportunities demanding your products and services become available in various industries, you can stretch the earning capacity within your sales and marketing department with effective business proposals.
Business proposal writing may often be a simple task. In other cases, it can be complex and time consuming. The demands and interests of decision-makers influence the level of effort you as a supplier will have to produce in a proposal.
How To Write A Business Proposal And Other Marketing Documents provides business insight and steps on:
How To Write A Business Proposal Four Different Ways
How To Write A Business Marketing Portfolio
How To Prepare An Oral Presentation
Using sample business proposals (in the formats of outline, summary, and basic quote), a sample business marketing portfolio, and sample business cover letters, author Lanette Zavala offers practical advice for small business owners and executives in Corporate America.
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