Mark Ashley

Be Better Than

At last, a simple learning tool to help readers understand the complicated art of Management & Leadership,
and essential skills in becoming more productive.
This non-conventional, non-laborious pocket book captures key phrases that will be used as a quick reference guide to refresh the mind during everyday situations.
Underpinning the phrases are six key threads (Communication, Time & People Management,Management & Leadership Behaviours and Running Your Own Business) that can be developed and mastered during your career.
During the development of the Be Better than Yesterday Mark realised that this was for anyone who was a single site manager, multi-site manager, business owner or entrepreneur; the same rules still applied.
This pocket book is ideal for self-development and personal-improvement (that won’t park itself on the shelf for many years) as the book will always be near your side, in the office drawer, car or workbag.
“It’s not important to be better than someone else, but to be better than yesterday.”
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