John Paul Fischbach

No More Starving Artists

Your art is great: it's your business skills that suck!
Being an artist in business doesn't have to be so hard. No More Starving Artists is written by an artist for artists in language that de-mystifies business and marketing for all artists in any field.
International author, producer, director, designer, educator and arts business consultant John Paul Fischback shares his years of wisdom and practical advice in this book. Learn the secrets of business that artists were never taught so that you can build a sustainable life being the awesome artist you are.
You'll learn:
— How to crush the old saying "you can't make a living doing this"
— The proven way to market yourself and your art
— The secret to managing your time, your focus and energy
— How to smash through your limiting beliefs to restore confidence in yourself and your art
— How to deal with all the business shit and still make art
— The secret marketing language that will get you more fans, followers and money
— The 5 fundamentals of a successful business that artists were never told about
…and so much more.
This book is jammed with information that will change everything.
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