Nick Howell

Great Coaching Questions

New to coaching and trying to get your head around what questions to ask, how and when to ask them? Are you more established in your coaching practice and recognise habits and themes to your questioning technique? Or perhaps you are a leader in your business and recognise that your telling, directive approach to people isn't reaping the engagement and performance of your employees?

Great Coaching Questions will bring breadth, depth and variety to your coaching and leadership questions and approaches to questioning. Enabling you to develop confidence and competence when working with clients or employees. This accessible compendium of questions considers different parts of coaching and leadership conversations, identifying powerful people orientated questions, enabling awareness, clarity, focus and information. Helping client, employee, coach and leader alike to have more meaningful, productive, enlightening conversations, relationships and outcomes.

The book also serves as a self-coaching resource, enabling anyone to utilise questions to help them help themselves in a range of workplace situations. Developing the discipline and confidence to systematically approach challenges, issues, problems and opportunities and achieve a personal outcome and change.
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