Deb Bajoras

If Your Business Could Speak to You, What Would It Say?

In this insightful new book, business and life coach Debra Bajoras invites you to develop an equal, co-creative relationship with your business — the ultimate process that will offer you the opportunity to become fully self-expressed in tandem with each other. Intuition is the tool you will use to communicate with each other. In doing so, you will be guided every step of the way. Nurture your relationship, honor the guidance you receive, align your purposes, and heal all dysfunctions as soon as you recognize them. Bajoras shows the power of a business owner’s relationship with his or her business, a relationship that is joyful as energies are aligned. This book will help you take this relationship seriously — to love your business like a soulmate and watch everything you want in your life and business become available to you.
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