Joe R.Lansdale,David Tallerman

Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations

Darkness exists everywhere, and in no place greater than those where spirits and curses still reside. Tread not lightly on ancient lands that have been discovered by this collection of intrepid authors.
In DARK TALES OF LOST CIVILIZ-ATIONS, you will unearth an anthology of twenty-five previously unpublished horror and speculative fiction stories, relating to aspects of civilizations that are crumbling, forgotten, rediscovered, or perhaps merely spoken about in great and fearful whispers.
What is it that lures explorers to distant lands where none have returned? Where is Genghis Khan buried? What happened to Atlantis? Who will displace mankind on Earth? What laments have the Witches of Oz?
Answers to these mysteries and other tales of of archaeologists and scientists, treasure hunters, tragic royalty, and ghosts, are presented within this critically acclaimed anthology.
Including stories by: Joe R. Lansdale, David Tallerman, Jonathan Vos Post, Jamie Lackey, Aaron J. French, and twenty exceptional others.

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