H.L. Nida

Arrested Body

Phil is probably one of the greatest guys you'll ever meet. He's a loyal friend, a good son and a very trainable boyfriend. He loves being a cop, but he really would like to settle down sometime soon. His problem is that he keeps picking the wrong women.

Susan is a workaholic, who loves her job and her long-time best friend so much, she doesn't make time for men. She's never been interested in relationships. Susan prefers to use men for sex, and when she's done, her response is “next”! Her witty banter will make you laugh out loud and on occasion you'll want to sit down and talk some sense into her.

Arrested Body is a well written novel that incorporates mind blowing sex scenes and navigates you through their emotional roller coaster. Will the newly made enemies turn back into lovers? Are they capable of transforming their physical chemistry into a second chance at love?

This must-read series is highly recommended for adults only and is sure to become a bestseller.

This is the third novel in the ARRESTED series.
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